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Acceptance & DBT Solutions To Any Problem

Psychologist Marsha Linehan revolutionized the way we treat people suffering from borderline personality disorder with the creation of dialectical behavioral therapy (or DBT). Therapists quickly recognized the technique as a solution to treating some of the most difficult disorders, and today many therapists regularly incorporate aspects of DBT in therapy with most clients, such as mindfulness meditation and the notion of acceptance.

Linehan is famous for saying, “Acceptance is the only way out of Hell.” This phrase is a great summary of her “four solutions to any problem”:

1) Do something to the problem. Fix it, take action, etc.

2) If that fails, see if you can change how you feel about the problem. For example, see a negative as a positive.

3) If that fails, accept the problem, even if it is difficult to do so. As bad as this might seem, it is better than the final option.

4) Keep doing what you’re doing.

Try these options out for yourself and see what you think.


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